Should we continue to number each law?

  1. h-a-r-a answered: yes!
  2. theunf0rg1v3n answered: Yes…it gives a tacticle sense of where you’ve been and where you’re going…when this is all said and done there “could” be a book…
  3. a-maverick-mind answered: yes
  4. primeauxpdx answered: Yes
  5. deerays answered: Yes!!
  6. little-ann-sophomore answered: yes
  7. darling--everythings--on--fire answered: I vote yes. I think it makes the posts look impressive. You have posted 288 laws and everyone should know it!
  8. brokenwinqs answered: yes
  9. cymcymmie answered: Yes! :D
  10. conservagal answered: Yes, please!
  11. lustfulwanting answered: no they’re all amazing
  12. soniaaml answered: yeah, it’s extra classy that way
  13. mnxiping answered: yes
  14. thebishupp answered: sure, it keeps the continuity
  15. sandbetweenhertoes answered: yes :)
  16. graysonelizabeth answered: yes
  17. in-consistently answered: yes,
  18. mycophycophyta answered: Yes. I’m OCD like that.