Answer this or message me if you speak or write fluent Swedish. Thanks.

(via erikangstrom)

  1. babypinkpaws answered: I do! (:
  2. episkt answered: Ja!
  3. isvla answered: I dooooo0o0o000oo
  4. mystiquesatisfaction answered: Hello I do, born and raised here in Sweden =)
  5. libbymichaela answered: hej.
  6. just-another-dreamqueen-bithead answered: Yes I do, I live in Sweden
  7. interactuality answered: I do. Varfor?
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  9. astrophiliac answered: Jag förstår Svenska.
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  11. tesandf answered: I do!
  12. imbadatcomingupwithnames answered: børk børk børk
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  14. misanthrxpy answered: Jag är inte svenska men jag talar det.
  15. understandshit answered: I do!
  16. no-baby-in-the-corner answered: I both speak and write fluet Swedish! :)
  17. themolesofdylan answered: japp det gör jag
  18. total-slut answered: Jag gör :D
  19. fernandadelmar answered: LOVED THIS
  20. fru-hurricane answered: Jag gör.
  21. freakinaye answered: nej
  22. pixelpsychopath answered: Japp, här är ännu en svensk.
  23. vackra-tankar answered: Jaa
  24. tyttebaer answered: ja, det gör jag. Men jeg er norsk ;)
  25. thighs answered: aa, vad vill du ha hjälp med?
  26. hejbaburiba answered: Självklart!